Oracle Cloud expands, brings new SLAs and AI innovation

Oracle Cloud InfrastructureTechnology company Oracle today made several announcements on presence, innovation and new SLA — to boost its Cloud revenue and customer base.

Oracle plans to expand its cloud footprint including the opening of 12 new datacenter regions in Asia, Europe and North America.

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd said: “As we invest, our margins will continue to expand. And with our global datacenter expansion, we are able to help customers lower IT costs, mitigate risks and compete like they never have before.”

Oracle will expand its cloud presence to China, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and South Korea in Asia; Amsterdam and Switzerland in Europe; and Canada and US in
North America to support U.S. Department of Defense workloads.

Recently, Google, Microsoft and Amazon Webservices (AWS) announced the expansion of their cloud business.

Autonomous Cloud Platform services

Thomas Kurian, Oracle President of Product Development, demonstrated at the Oracle event the advances in Oracle Cloud Platform, expanding its Oracle Cloud Platform Autonomous Services beyond the Oracle Autonomous Database, to make all Oracle Cloud Platform services self-driving, self-securing and self-repairing.

Oracle is applying AI and machine learning to its entire next-generation Cloud Platform services to help customers lower cost, reduce risk, accelerate innovation, and get predictive insights.

Research firm Ovum said Platform as a Service has become a critical component of the cloud delivery model to help drive business agility and innovation for enterprises.

Saurabh Sharma, principal analyst at Ovum, said: “With Oracle revealing its AI and machine learning-based Autonomous PaaS, Oracle is bringing productivity gains, cost reduction and human error reduction.”

Oracle Cloud Platform’s autonomous PaaS capabilities will let enterprises scale, back-up, upgrade, diagnose, correct and secure enterprise PaaS cloud services.

New Cloud SLA

Oracle has also expanded its service level agreements (SLAs) helping enterprises that want to shift critical workloads to cloud.

Oracle’s financially backed cloud warranty for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provides guaranteed service levels across performance, manageability, and availability.

Oracle’s revised SLAs are part of the strategy to deliver the best cloud infrastructure for enterprise production workloads.

The tech company said these SLAs provide reassurance to customers that want to shift workloads to the cloud and require not only continual availability, but also consistent performance and the ongoing ability to manage and modify the cloud infrastructure that runs their mission-critical applications and databases.

Oracle plans to extend SLAs to its Oracle Cloud Platform Autonomous Services including those for database, application development, mobile and bots, application and data integration, analytics, security and management.

“Customers expect service level commitments for uptime to mean that their applications are not only available, but manageable and performing as expected, regardless of where that application may be located,” said Al Gillen, GVP, Software Development and Open Source, IDC.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure guarantees it will deliver more than 90 percent of published performance every day in a given month.  If it falls below that level for even as few as 44 minutes a month, customers may claim service credits according to Oracle’s terms of service.

By contrast, other Cloud infrastructure vendors offer no guarantees around performance. Their cloud resources can be delivering 1 percent of published performance targets, and the customer must continue to pay full price for the degraded services, said Oracle.

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