Oracle to build 5 digital sales hubs in Asia Pacific

Oracle Open World 2015Oracle today announced that it will build five digital sales hubs throughout Asia Pacific — targeting to enhance cloud revenue from midsize enterprises.

Oracle plans to hire 1,000 professionals to address demand for cloud, among midsize organizations. Last year, Oracle hired 1,000 cloud professionals in Asia Pacific. Oracle will hire 200 professionals as part of this recruitment initiative in India.

Across Asia Pacific, midsize organizations continue to invest in Oracle’s complete cloud portfolio because Oracle offers enterprise-grade cloud capabilities that are flexible, affordable and scale over time.

Oracle’s digital sales unit assists midsize organizations transition to the cloud. With the recruitment of 1,000 professionals, coupled with innovative technology and enhanced business processes, Oracle is well-positioned to make cloud purchases quicker and easier for the mid-market.

Oracle Digital team will leverage modern sales tools and technologies to transform the buying experience, provide customer service, and deliver customized solutions.

“The demand for cloud is rising fast. As a result, Oracle’s cloud business in Asia Pacific has been on an upswing. Today, Oracle supports many customers in the region with our vast cloud portfolio,” said François Lançon, senior vice president, Oracle Asia Pacific.

“The combined forces of cloud, mobility and social are changing how customers want to buy and be catered to in today’s digital market place. To meet this growing demand we want a quick action sales force that is digitally savvy and will leverage modern software tools to offer a seamless buying experience to our customers,” said Shailender Kumar, managing director, Oracle India.

Main industry verticals such as telecommunications, insurance, high tech, media, financial services, healthcare, e-commerce, natural resources, and education, among others, are deploying Oracle Cloud platform.