Oracle adds cloud computing data centers in five countries

Oracle has added new cloud computing data centers in five countries and aims to have them in 36 locations by the end of 2020.
Oracle Cloud InfrastructureOracle competes with’s Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, Google Cloud and Alibaba for market share.

Oracle is rolling out its second generation of cloud systems, in which it operates data centers and customers rent capacity from it.

Amazon Web Services and Microsoft are the two top players with more than two-thirds of the global market in 2019, according to Forrester Research. Oracle is trying to win business customers by extending its geographical reach, Reuters reported.
Cloud share of Google, Microsoft and AWS
Clay Magouyrk, executive vice president of engineering in Oracle’s cloud unit, said new data privacy regulations in the European Union and elsewhere mean many businesses must retain data in the country where it is generated, making it important to offer them cloud data centers in as many places as possible.

Oracle’s goal is to have at least two “regions,” in each country where it operates, so that customers can have one primary region and one as a backup in case of disaster, he said.

“Overall, the strategy is to put lots of regions around the world to give customers data sovereignty,” he said.

Microsoft has 56 regions. Amazon has 22 regions but has 69 availability zones. Amazon is planning five more regions and 16 availability zones.

Oracle on Monday added regions in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Osaka, Japan; Melbourne, Australia; Montreal, Canada; and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The company plans to add a second region in Saudi Arabia this year, as well as two in the United Arab Emirates.

Oracle said the 10 largest businesses in Japan were using its cloud computing offerings, but did not give any names.

Deepak Mohan, research director at IDC, said aiming for geographical reach in the wake of new data regulations, is solid strategy given Oracle’s customer base of large businesses.

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