NTT Com brings cloud-based network services that can be instantly activated online

NTT Communications has launched cloud-based network services that can be instantly activated online, accelerating service delivery and reducing the costs of enterprise networking.

Powered by Virtela Technology Services, acquired by NTT Com in January 2014, NTT Com is offering the network service via a pay-per-use model – without any long-term contract commitments. There is no need for enterprises to invest in and managing dedicated network appliances for globally distributed offices. The other benefit is that enterprises can also open up new offices or support short term projects with minimal upfront investments.

These services expand NTT Com’s portfolio of Arcstar Universal One – the enterprise network services reaching to more than 190 countries/regions worldwide.

NTT cloud services

Takashi Ooi, NTT Com’s Vice President of Enterprise Network Service, said: Leveraging NFV technology in our Local Cloud Networking Centers worldwide, we can now deliver varieties of network functions – such as firewall and application acceleration for branch offices – from our network cloud. This eliminates the ‘one device, per service, per location’ model, resulting in significant cost savings for our customers.”

NTT Com said these cloud-based network services can be deployed and managed via an SDN-enabled customer portal. Enterprises will take minutes for service deployments, while configuration changes can be done in real time.

In addition, NTT Com offers the flexibility for customers to activate and configure cloud-based network services on their own, rely on NTT Com for management, or a hybrid of both.

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