New Zealand app developer adopts IBM Cloud to enhance alert tool

IBM Corporation

IBM announced that New Zealand-based application developer and emergency network provider, CLOUD M, has migrated its emergency alert tools and system to IBM Cloud.

Auckland-based, CLOUD M, founded in 2011, develops and manages the cloud-based Alerter emergency communications system.

Alerter enables government agencies, communities and families to broadcast emergency updates in real-time, to help people coordinate responses to avoid harm, and establish recovery plans.

Audio and visual alerts can be sent to emails, text addresses, smartphones or social networks. After encountering increasing reliability and performance issues with its cloud network provider, CLOUD M turned to IBM for assistance through the company’s Global Entrepreneur Program.

CLOUD M adopted SoftLayer as its Infrastructure as a Service. Since then the company has seen a 50 increase in performance for Alerter, from hours to minutes.

Auckland’s Civil Defense & Emergency Management deployed Alerter in 2012.  With Alerter’s increased performance on IBM Cloud, IBM said, CDEM can now broadcast alerts and safety information to subscribers’ smartphones with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Recently, a report from IBM showed that BM’s cloud revenues increased more than 45 percent year-to-date, and is $9.4 billion over trailing 12 months.

The annual run rate for cloud delivered as a service increased to $4.5 billion from $3.1 billion in the third quarter of 2014.

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