Nefelus taps IBM company Aspera to move large files

IBM company Aspera will support Nefelus, a provider of integrated circuit (IC) design tools, to assist IC designers to move files – which can exceed 10 gigabytes in size – to the Nefelus cloud platform, where they can access third-party tools to accelerate semiconductor and chip design projects.

Aspera On Demand enables Nefelus’ designers to deliver large files to the Nefelus platform from anywhere in the world while reducing transfer times by up to 99 percent.

Once on the Nefelus platform, designers have access to Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools in a managed cloud environment. Nefelus allows users to take advantage of high-performance computing capacity for intensive design tasks with advanced collaboration capabilities that make it easier for global teams to connect and share knowledge to drive innovation.

Richard Heitmann, vice president of marketing, Aspera, said: “By leveraging the cloud for web-based collaboration and a usage-based model for design tools, Nefelus and Aspera are empowering the next generation of IC designers in the integrated semiconductor industry to drive innovation.”