Mindtree signs pact with Kryptos Networks to enhance distribution of VMUnify solution in Asia

Infotech Lead India: Mindtree announced its partnership with Kryptos Networks to enhance distribution of VMUnify solution across Asia.

VMUnify is a cloud platform agnostic solution that enables the setup and delivery of Infrastructure as a service.

This partnership will leverage Kryptos’s reach in reselling technology solutions. Mindtree and Kryptos Networks have introduced the Cloud Service Provider Program (CSPP) to onboard service providers for the VMUnify platform. This global program enables cloud service providers, small or big, to start with a minimal investment and pay for only what is consumed.

According to a Parallels study on the SMB markets, the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) market size is expected to grow to $27 billion in 2015 from today’s $14 billion. In Asia, the comparative numbers are $7 billion in 2015 and $2.8 billion currently.

Mindtree’s VMUnify will be targeting the management software segment which is ~ 5 percent to 10 percent of the IaaS market size.

Prasanna Ram, CEO of Kryptos

“The VMUnify solution brings tangible benefits to the customers such as go-to market advantage and reduced installation costs. Our association with Kryptos will help us to broaden our footprint in the region and deliver unique value to our customers,” said S Janakiraman, president & chief technology officer, Mindtree.

“Kryptos believes in building business and customer relationships through strong alliances and partnerships,” said Prasanna Ram, CEO of Kryptos. “By leveraging Mindtree innovations, such as VMUnify, we will be able to improve our services dramatically. Our partnership with Mindtree will enable us to scale up the new hosting and cloud services that we offer to our customers.”

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