Microsoft powers cloud transition in India with over 2000 new customers every month

Microsoft India is powering the cloud transition in India by adding over 2000 commercial cloud customers every month India across all industry sectors.

Cloud adoption is growing across all sectors including banking, manufacturing, healthcare and media and across large, mid-sized and small companies, said Bhaskar Pramanik, chairman, Microsoft India.

“Our investment in improving the readiness of our partners and developers is enabling faster cloud adoption. We are in a mobile-first, cloud-first world and cloud is becoming an integral part of the IT infrastructure in Indian enterprises today,” said Karan Bajwa, managing director, Microsoft India.

The benefits of cloud including scalability, reduced costs, flexibility, business agility and speed in rollout are some of the key drivers.

Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

With its large partner and developer eco-system, Microsoft is helping Indian organisations assess and transition to the cloud easily. Microsoft has 10,000 partners and engages with an ecosystem of 1.6 million developers in the country.

The company has been investing hugely to improve the capabilities among partners and developers. Last year alone, Microsoft has grown the number of its cloud solution partners by 200 percent, has seen a 100 percent growth in the number of independent software vendor (ISV) applications on Windows Azure and helped 1700 start-ups adopt Windows Azure.

“Azure is a powerful platform for the entire Indian ecosystem of IT professionals, developers and start-ups to bring their applications to market worldwide. It helps Indian customers leapfrog to the cloud, and accrue significant cost savings. It provides a unique opportunity for our partners to scale their business.  I believe the opportunities ahead for India with the Azure cloud platform are tremendous,” said Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft, in his address via a video message to the participants of the Windows Azure Conference in Bengaluru.

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