Microsoft Office 365 to support San Francisco City and County to upgrade to single cloud environment

San Francisco City and County is upgrading its cloud environment to a consolidated government cloud solution — Microsoft Office 365 — that will serve its 29,000 employees.

Since becoming an early adopter of Microsoft’s cloud-based email, the City and County of San Francisco wanted to use Microsoft Office 365 across all its departments and agencies, including those needing to meet the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) regulatory policy requirements.

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Marc Touitou, CIO of San Francisco, said: “We believe San Francisco will be the first city and county of its size to complete a Microsoft Office 365 for Government cloud transition in which each of the departments — including police and safety, as well as health — will be on one integrated platform.”

The move to the cloud for state and local government organizations will benefit San Francisco City and County as they can have better collaboration, improved productivity, increased cost savings, and enhanced access to information, Microsoft said in a recent blog post.

Microsoft suggests that Governments need a single platform that delivers on these expectations, while also meeting all their agencies’ and departments’ needs.

They are looking for a solution they can trust that addresses security and privacy policy regulatory requirements. This is especially true for law enforcement, courts, corrections, fire and rescue, and health and human services organizations, said Microsoft.

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