Microsoft Azure helps MartJack sign 250 deals in record time

MartJack Enterprise, an eCommerce provider, is leveraging Microsoft Azure platform to improve business in India and Middle East.

Thanks to the cloud solution from Microsoft, MartJack Enterprise has signed on more than 250 enterprise customers globally for its Multichannel Commerce Platform in record time, the company said in a statement.

“The flexibility, scalability, agility and security offered by Microsoft Azure helped us focus on customer acquisition and bring in customized deployments at quick pace with minimal investments,” said Abhay Deshpande, founder and CEO, MartJack.

Cloud platforms offer the flexibility required for online businesses, according to Deshpande. The service gives them the ability to scale up and down with respect to the demand from the customers.

“With the migration to Azure, we have not just added more customers but also supported existing customers to enhance their eCommerce services to offer superior value to their end consumers,” Deshpandeadded.

Also, the open architecture of Azure helps companies like MartJack build business platforms according to their requirements. The platform allows them to customize workflows quickly and improve cash flows by reducing infrastructure costs.

The platform also enables retailers/brands to leverage the power of mobile site, mobile application and social media integration to engage with digitally savvy consumers. Retailers can leverage the platform to provide a seamless brand experience across multiple channels – Web, mobile, social, and in-store, Microsoft said.

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