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Microsoft announces international standard for Cloud privacy

Microsoft announced that it has adopted the first international standard for cloud privacy to protect the personal data it stores in the cloud.

The standard has important practical benefits to the enterprise customers.

The International Organization for Standardization developed the standard known as ISO/IEC 27018 to establish a uniform, international approach to protect privacy for personal data stored in the cloud.

It has been verified by British Standards Institute that in addition to Microsoft Azure, both Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online are aligned with standard’s code of practice for the protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in the public cloud.


Microsoft said that enterprise customer will have control of their data, customer will be informed about what’s happening with their data, including whether there are any returns, transfers or deletion of their personal information. Any unauthorized access to the personal data will be informed to the customer.

The data will be protected with security, ensuring that people or employee processing personally identifiable information must subject to a confidentiality obligation.

Microsoft has also ensured that it will not use any data for advertising purpose and it will inform its customer if their data is accessed by the government.

Recently, Microsoft said it has already made Azure Geo available in Australia in 2014. The cloud service is hosted at two Microsoft datacenters located in Sydney, New South Wales and Melbourne, Victoria.

In a Blog, Brad Smith, Microsoft general manager and executive vice president, legal and corporate affairs, said that the adoption of the privacy standard validates the company’s commitment to protecting the privacy of its customers online.

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