Lenovo, VMware to deliver software-defined data center solutions

Lenovo has forged alliance with VMware to deliver software-defined data center solutions for private and hybrid cloud, end user computing and virtualization.

Software-defined data center technologies extend the concept of server virtualization to networking and storage infrastructure resources, enabling delivery of compute, networking, and storage resources as a service.

Lenovo and VMware solutions will bring together Lenovo’s servers and networking hardware with VMware infrastructure to help enterprises and service providers simplify the data center, speed application provisioning, and reduce costs.

The companies will collaborate for private and hybrid cloud infrastructure solutions based on validated end-to-end architectures to provide clients a fast path to an optimal environment, and integration between Lenovo server and networking hardware, and resource management capabilities, with VMware vRealize Suite for rapid provisioning of systems and services.

As a networking development partner for VMware NSX, Lenovo will deliver flexible network virtualization gateway and integrated traffic management solutions, enabling an open, software-defined foundation for agile, flexible, and scalable cloud environments.

Elastic, scalable, and resilient Software Defined Storage infrastructure solutions based on a wide range of Lenovo servers and VMware Virtual SAN software in simple-to-deploy configurations to suit a broad range of data storage, performance, and budget requirements.

Enhanced performance of end-user virtual desktop services through Lenovo eXFlash technology, which is a server-based storage solution providing extremely low latency, coupled with VMware Horizon virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) platform.

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