KONA selects IBM Cloud, dumps Amazon, Microsoft and Rackspace

Enterprise IT vendor IBM today announced that KONA has deployed a new cloud-based application development service on IBM Cloud with SoftLayer to build mobile applications.

Having developing teams in Uruguay, KONA evaluated infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft and Rackspace before selecting IBM Cloud.

Kona Cloud, which is aiming to become a strong player in the BaaS market, reduces the complexities of application development by automating the processes involved in server-side programming, reducing the redundancy in creating backend code blocks and providing ready-to-integrate features for mobile applications.

IBM Softlayer

Kona utilizes SoftLayer’s cloud infrastructure to scale up and down as demand shifts. KONA Cloud gathered more than 300 developers and companies that trusted the platform for their projects, which vary from productivity apps and e-commerce to social networking projects.

“We use SoftLayer technologies in the product like MongoDB for Data Storage, for Object Storage, load balancing and service monitoring among others. We can add resources instantly like memory, processors and mass storage via a powerful API,” said Diego Cibils, CEO of KONA.

SoftLayer provides Kona with a level of control and transparency to build a range of mobile applications for its customers. Existing customers of KONA Cloud develop their apps at least 10 times faster and with fewer errors than with traditional, on-premise development tools, said IBM in a statement.

Gerardo Quincke, Cloud Services SoftLayer Focal Point, IBM Uruguay, said: “SoftLayer’s flexibility will help Kona start small and grow fast, from small virtual instances to fully configured and powerful bare metal servers, and will provide it with a complete portfolio of solutions available in all cloud centers distributed all around the World.”

Baburajan K
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