Joyent unveils Global Cloud Network for mobile-first markets

Joyent, a cloud infrastructure company, has launched the Global Cloud Network (GCN), an alliance of Mobile Carriers who run their Mobile Clouds and IaaS on Joyent’s data center fabric.

The alliance will be catering to the surging growth of mobile devices in emerging markets like Brazil, Russia, India, China, Africa and Indonesia.

The Global Cloud Network brings together top global service providers unified under a common set of APIs with common down stack reliability.

With this network, cloud-dependent businesses, including mobile app vendors, game developers, online retailers and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) providers will be able to reduce risk while expanding their addressable market by offering mobile apps, online games and storefronts.

Jason Goecke, president of Voxeo Labs said that it is encouraging to see innovative companies, like Joyent, pushing this standard forward to support what is becoming a largely mobile first economy.

The company said that mobile-first carriers in emerging markets are facing unprecedented scaling challenges with billions of data-intensive and latency-sensitive mobile transactions hitting their networks.

These carriers require the ability to deliver high-performance, highly secure mobile cloud infrastructure services to meet the demands.

The GCN is built on the foundation of Joyent’s data center fabric. The company claims that with such broad coverage across North America, Europe, Africa and India, and multiple markets in Asia, companies will now have a trusted source for global cloud infrastructure.

Jason Hoffman, founder and CTO of Joyent said that the Global Cloud Network is improving the access, distribution and quality of cloud applications, services and content.

He added that the network is helping to lower the cost of software and content distribution by solving currency, language and service quality issues.

Joyent unveils Joyent Cloud Europe to offer real-time Infrastructure-as-a-Service in Europe

A few months back, Joyent unveiled Joyent Cloud Europe to provide real-time Infrastructure-as-a-Service in Europe.

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