iYogi’s launches digital service cloud as SaaS

Infotech Lead India: iYogi, a provider of software and technical support services, has launched Digital Services Cloud (DSC), a cloud based solution.

The new cloud-based solution helps customers cash in on new revenue generation opportunities while reducing costs and delivering a superior customer experience.

With iYogi’s ‘Digital Services Cloud’ (DSC) encourages service innovation through better customer experience management and support automation. It is best suited to telecom companies, OEM’s, technology retailers and BPO companies.

Uday Challu, CEO and co-founder of iYogi said, “Digital Service Cloud has a proven capability to increase customer lifetime and value, and can generate operating income between USD 15 and USD 20 for every customer interaction.”



“By using Digital Service Cloud telcos, technology retailers, OEMs and global service providers or BPO companies can not only use support as a channel for new revenues, but also expand their business by adding tech support services, the market for which is estimated at $100 billion globally and at least Rs 20,000 crore in India,” Challu added.

Digital Service Cloud is a SaaS solution that facilitates easy integration into the existing contact center infrastructure. Its scalability helps companies securely transform the customer support process and their business according to their needs. The platforms feature in-built service innovation for customers to be able to choice how and when they want to access support.

Digital Service Cloud is a hosted, multi-geography, multi-lingual, multi-currency solution for contact centers. It enables collaboration between technicians with different skills sets through the cloud.

DSC supports up selling and cross selling of new products backed by data derived from predictive customer analytics and integrated ecommerce. Businesses can use the service to sell premium support services and monetize out of scope opportunities.

The preventative support automation provided by the solution covers a broad range of technologies through asset management, monitoring and intuitive logic of smart tools. Powered by an extensive knowledge base and library of automated resolutions, the platform offers support for multiple operating systems, over 500 software applications, 35 hardware device types and over 15 peripherals.

With more than 2.5 million users, iYogi has serviced more than 13 million technical support incidents in the last six years.

Sensing the tech support opportunity in India due to growing dependency of technology, earlier this yeariYogi launched its service for both SMBs and consumers in India as a cost-effective alternative to incident based services. According to Vishal Dhar, president-marketing, iYogi, the company aims to cross the $100 million mark for fiscal 2013, of which 7-10 percent is expected to be from the company’s operations in India.


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