IT decision makers in India highest adopters of public Cloud: Microsoft


Technology decision makers in Indian enterprises are the highest adopters of public Cloud solutions in the world, a survey by Microsoft revealed on Monday.

“Fifty seven per cent respondents from India have adopted public Cloud solutions and 33 per cent respondents stated that their companies use hybrid Cloud — a combination of public and private Cloud solutions,” the findings showed.

These are among the highest rate of adoptions and are better than markets such as the US, the UK and Japan, said the Microsoft survey conducted with market research firm Wakefield Research.

IT decision makers (ITDMs) refer to sales functions — CRM and ERP, data analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) — as the top three services or applications that their organisation would like to host on the public Cloud.

Microsoft has expanded its Cloud access for local customers by enabling Web Direct and Cloud solution provider channels that makes it easy for developers and start-ups to use the local Cloud.

“Sixty four per cent Indian respondents were comfortable in hosting their company’s most essential applications or services on the public Cloud,” the survey revealed.

Sixty four per cent Indian respondents believe that public Cloud solutions are very important to connect seamlessly to the organisation’s existing data centres five years from now.

Five major sectors — healthcare, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), e-commerce, startups and government — are leading Cloud adopters in the country, the survey noted.

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