Intel announces new Cloud technology program

Chip vendor Intel on Wednesday unveiled the “Powered by Intel Cloud Technology” badge with 16 cloud service providers (CSPs), now representing more than $3.5 billion in cloud services revenue expected in 2014.

Intel in a statement said the program assists users to identify the underlying technology and benefits CSPs by communicating differentiation in service offerings and informs customers how infrastructure technology can improve service performance, reliability and security and help them maximize return on investment.

Jason Waxman, vice president, Data Center Group and general manager, Cloud Platform Group, at Intel, said: “Cloud customers want to know what technology their applications are running on because it has direct impact to their business. For the first time, users will have the transparency to select the technologies that are optimal for running their applications in the cloud.”

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Intel Cloud Finder online search engine is integrated into the program, allowing users to find CSPs that provide cloud services built on Intel technologies that match required criteria, with the ability to try services for free before purchase.

The Intel Cloud Technology program will provide cloud users with a clear view into the technology powering a CSP’s infrastructure before they purchase any services or instances.

With infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) revenue expected to increase 41 percent annually by 2016 and more companies considering outsourcing their IT services, the technology that powers cloud-based services and applications matters more than ever.

Don Whittington, CIO of Florida Crystals (owner of Domino Sugar and C&H Sugar), said: “With our CSP Virtustream participating in Intel Cloud Technology program, we are now aware of the underlying hardware powering the services we buy and we can make better choices to ensure we have the optimal workload performance for our investment.”

Shopzilla increased its revenue by up to 12 percent by accelerating its page load times from seven to two seconds. For enterprise and other IT buyers evaluating hybrid or public cloud services, CSPs participating in the Intel Cloud Technology program will provide detailed information about available CPUs, hardware acceleration features, storage, software and network capabilities.

CSPs will promote the users’ benefits of Intel cloud technologies powering their services through multiple channels.

Intel will drive direct marketing campaigns and participate in co-marketing activities with CSP partners in the program to educate customers about underlying technologies, their impact on applications performance, user experience and ultimately the business.

Novartis Pharmaceuticals performed an analysis of instances to find that choosing a premium high-performing one would provide the company up to 65 percent cost savings over the lower cost, lower performing options when matching available capabilities with specific requirements of its workloads. It also allowed the company to significantly reduce the time spent on processing, creating faster turnaround of projects.

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