IndiGo slashes IT support calls by 90% after deploying Druva

Druva, a leader in Cloud data protection and management, announced that it has helped IndiGo to slash IT support calls by 90 percent and secure thousands of devices through a migration to cloud data protection.
IndiGo and IT deploymentIndiGo, India’s largest passenger airline, used Druva’s SaaS-based data management technology for protecting its sensitive aviation data and a robust disaster recovery approach to ensure minimal impact to business operations.

IndiGo’s IT team, which manages over 150TB of data across thousands of endpoints, has recognised the criticality of data protection and the need to effectively overcome potential data loss and ransomware challenges.

“The global ubiquity of the public cloud brings a higher level of efficiency for backup and recovery,” said Tushar Cairae, associate director and head End User Computing, IndiGo Airlines. “We’ve been using Druva in the cloud for nearly two years and it’s working perfectly. Backups are completed on time without any failure.”

IndiGo has deployed Druva across the organization and IndiGo employees are now able to trigger data backup and recoveries without IT intervention, eliminating the need for onsite restorations. This process has helped reduce IT requests, secure data from breaches and misuse.