Indian enterprises are getting ready for Cloud: Oracle

Majority Indian enterprises (businesses) have a cloud strategy and are ready to invest in cloud, Oracle said.

The cloud preparedness is despite these organizations’ cloud adoption status, according to a report by Dynamic Markets for Oracle.

78 percent of Indian companies that use cloud applications say their ability to innovate using their cloud apps has been hindered in some way.

The main hindrance is the inability to integrate the cloud app with other software and companies have abandoned roughly 1 cloud app a year due to integration problems. Globally this number is 75 percent.

Integration problems are causing staff downtime in departments that do not even use cloud apps.

25 percent said that their companies tried using cloud apps, attempted integration and were completely unsuccessful in their efforts.

47 percent believed they were only partially successful.

38 percent did not anticipate the integration issues when the company first started using the cloud apps.

31 percent put the company off using cloud apps because of integration troubles.

With the increasing usage of mobile gadgets, the usability of business applications on mobile devices is becoming a key concern.

44 percent Indian executives are disappointed by the non-availability of cloud apps on mobile phones.

63 percent respondents cited usability issues.

Across departments, those in risk / compliance roles stand out with 61 percent complaining of usability issues, as do 41 percent of finance professionals, 41 percent of HR and 39 percent of those in sales, marketing and customer services / CRM roles.


Global Study Top Findings

54 percent say their department has experienced staff downtime in the last six months due to cloud integration problems. In fact, departments not even using cloud apps have been affected by their colleagues that are.

54 percent have suffered from missed deadlines and 75 percent have had their ability to innovate impaired by poor integration of their cloud applications, which has left applications isolated from the rest of their business functions.

This is despite the fact that for the majority of businesses one of the main drivers for deploying cloud applications is to improve operational agility and effectiveness.

Oracle’s Cloud for Business Managers: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly report is based on inputs from 1,355 senior decision makers from businesses globally including India.

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