IEEE –SA forms cloud computing Innovation Council to advance cloud computing in India

IEEE announced that IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) has formed the Cloud Computing Innovation Council for India to promote the adoption and deployment of cloud computing as India’s IT infrastructure.

The Council has been formed through IEEE-SA Industry Connections program.

The government of India is already driving several cloud-computing projects under the guidance and leadership of the Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DEITy).

IEEE-SA initiative will provide proposals for standards, research, education initiatives and regulatory, legislation and policy recommendations to promote innovation that’s vital to the framework of this technology, said Srikanth Chandrasekaran, standards senior manager for IEEE India. The Council will act as a “think tank” for propelling technological innovations across the cloud-computing ecosystem in India and other emerging markets.


According to Pamela Kumar, chair of the Cloud Computing Innovation Council for India, the initiative will enable new and relevant cloud computing initiatives in the country for both national and global impact.

The council also provides a platform for companies, government agencies and others to come together to accelerate the deployment and mobilization of innovation for cloud computing.  It aims to position India as a global provider of cloud-computing services and infrastructure.

The council is composed of 14 working groups addressing global trends in the relevant technologies, initiatives and opportunities in India. This includes challenges and barriers unique to the Indian ecosystem, which will be providing recommendations and innovation proposals.

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