Icertis signs partnership with Prasanna Purple Mobility

Infotech Lead Asia: Icertis, a provider of enterprise solutions in the Microsoft cloud, has inked a partnership with Prasanna Purple Mobility Solutions.

Prasanna Purple Mobility Solutions will roll out the Icertis Public Transport Management product to create an efficient public transport service.

Icertis PublicTransport helps city and inter-city bus operators optimize efficiency and maximize revenue.

Prasanna Purple Mobility Solutions will benefit from centralized bus network planning capability to optimize routes, schedules and driver utilization, as well as fleet management and maintenance platform.

Icertis claims that the new infotainment systems will provide travel and location specific information to passengers, such as popular tourist attractions, historical facts, shopping avenues, advertisements, and so on, in addition to transmitting social and security related messages.

The two companies will also collaborate to deliver a hi-tech and contemporary travel experience to passengers, who will soon be able to check bus schedules, route details, estimated travel time and fares, bus timings, as well as traffic information both online and on mobile devices, all in real time.

“The strategic alliance with Icertis marks an important milestone in our long term commitment to the development of an effective, reliable, and engaging bus transportation system. We are excited about harnessing the power of this next generation of information technology product to transform our people transportation operations into the best network in India,” said Prasanna Patwardhan, chairman and managing director, Prasanna Purple Mobility Solutions.

The Windows Azure Cloud platform empowers businesses to increase their operational efficiency and run applications with unbounded scalability and ease of use.

“Icertis PublicTransport Management built on Windows Azure is a perfect illustration of how cloud computing can change the operating dynamics of a very important sector like public transportation,” said Srikanth Karnakota, country head for Server and Cloud Business at Microsoft Corporation, India.

“We see a huge potential for cloud-based solutions in the public transportation arena in India and worldwide. Icertis PublicTransport Management product – built on Windows Azure – has been designed to change the ballgame of bus operations management across the globe,” said Samir Bodas, CEO and co-founder, Icertis.

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