IBM unveils new set of services for Bluemix

IBM has launched new set of services for IBM’s platform-as-a-service, Bluemix, so that developers can quickly infuse new analytics capabilities into cloud-based applications.

The company said with the help of new IBM Cloud tools developers can broaden the capabilities of their applications to provide robust cloud experience that enables integration of data analytics and visualization seamlessly in their apps.

The new services include: IBM Streaming Analytics and IBM dashDB.

IBM Streaming Analytics provide capability to analyze data on the cloud and enables an easier and more efficient way to visualize data.

Additionally, developers can also focus on building important business logic and analytics with the help of Streaming Analytics service.

While, IBM dashDB service enables simple and speedy information management, analytics and business intelligence operations in the cloud.

Also, IBM has added MPP (massively parallel processing) capabilities to enable faster query processing and overall scalability.

This apart, IBM MPP connects with existing database investments to deliver better performance built on massively parallel processing cluster architecture with existing database investments.

Built-in Netezza analytics libraries allows businesses to solve harder problems with ecosystem integration.

Company officicals said dashDB can integrate with Twitter data and Open Data and supports data preparation with DataWorks.


In addition, the Bluemix Garage network creates a bridge between the scale of enterprises and the culture of startups by combining Bluemix and IBM Design Thinking methodology.

Few days ago, IBM opened Bluemix Garage in Toronto to enable enterprises to enhance cloud business using IBM Cloud technologies with design thinking methodology and development capabilities.

In June, IBM announced its Bluemix cloud deal with Sogeti, a subsidiary of Capgemini Group, a leading IT service provider.

Last year in December, Diabetizer selected IBM Bluemix to build and deploy cloud-based application to improve diabetic care.

Shilpa Khatri

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