IBM unveils new services for Bluemix for developers

IBM has launched new services for IBM’s platform-as-a-service (PaaS), Bluemix, so that developers can seamlessly integrate Java-based resources into their cloud-based applications.

The company said new tools enable developers to broaden the capabilities of their applications to provide robust cloud experience to users.

The new services include: Liberty Buildpack, IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix and XPages on IBM Bluemix.

Liberty Buildpack updated the Liberty runtime in order to make available or preview the latest Java EE 7 Liberty features.

This apart jsp-2.3, el-3.0 and jdbc-4.1 Liberty features are available as production ready.

While IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix includes JavaScript Debug, support for Node.js applications, Java 8 Liberty for Java integration and Eclipse Mars support for Eclipse Mars version.

Company officials said to support web fragment projects, incremental publish support for JEE applications has been expanded.

Additionally, developers can create responsive and secure applications to quickly brought market to Bluemix by bringing Domino XPages to the cloud.


The new Bluemix catalog includes over 100 tools and services to enable developers to build, run and manage cloud applications with more flexibility.

In addition, Bluemix Garage network creates a bridge between the scale of enterprises and the culture of startups by bringing together Bluemix and IBM Design Thinking methodology.

Few days ago, IBM opened Bluemix Garage in Toronto to enable enterprises to enhance cloud business using IBM Cloud technologies with design thinking methodology and development capabilities.

In June, IBM announced its Bluemix cloud deal with Sogeti, a subsidiary of Capgemini Group, a leading IT service provider.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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