IBM supports AT&T to move to SoftLayer platform

Enterprise IT vendor IBM today said it is supporting AT&T to extend its NetBondSMservices to the SoftLayer platform for better security and performance.

AT&T Virtual Private Network (VPN)  customers can use AT&T NetBond to connect their IT infrastructure to SoftLayer’s cloud services. The service allows customers to benefit from highly secure connections with high reliability and performance as an alternative to relying on public Internet access.

AT&T NetBond gives customers a range of options as they explore how to best leverage a hybrid cloud.

“Customers can move workloads to and from SoftLayer as if it were part of their local area network. This added flexibility helps optimize workload performance while allowing customers to scale IT resources in a way that makes sense,” said Jim Comfort, general manager of IBM Cloud Services.

AT&T NetBond dynamically allocates VPN bandwidth, allowing customers to use as much or as little as they need.

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