IBM to supply SoftLayer cloud platform to Mankind Pharma

Enterprise IT vendor IBM said Mankind Pharma has selected SoftLayer’s cloud platform to support its business growth and expansion.

SoftLayer will enable Mankind Pharma to improve the performance of its applications and scale the use of these applications across multiple locations.

Mankind Pharma, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India, will utilize IBM’s scalable cloud solution to align its IT infrastructure with the business goals of the company, while keeping operations and capital expenditures to a minimum.


SoftLayer’s infrastructure ensured scalability of the infrastructure depending on Mankind Pharma’s changing business needs.

Since these applications are designed to meet the growing needs of its key stakeholders, it becomes mission-critical for Mankind Pharma to deploy the right amount of compute to run seamless operations. SoftLayer’s cloud provided the perfect combination of pay-as-you-use option as well as scalability to suit business need.

SoftLayer infrastructure will help Mankind Pharma scale up quickly when it expands operations to international markets.

InfotechLead News Team