IBM to supply SoftLayer cloud platform to Extramarks

Enterprise IT vendor IBM will supply SoftLayer cloud platform to Extramarks to improve the delivery of educational content to K-12 students across 250 locations in India.

The duration of the cloud deal is three years. IBM did not share financial details of the contract with Extramarks.

As per the IT deal, Extramarks will utilize SoftLayer cloud for its Extramarks Live, an e-tutorial platform that offers content for different national and state level curricula. The program has 700,000 students enrolled and enables users to connect with the learning material.


Besides SoftLayer cloud platform, IBM provides high performance servers on demand, along with required speed to provide the educational content in real time.

Extramarks students will gain from better digital learning experience. The cloud based platform also ensures that there is low tolerance for latency, which can affect the company’s overall student subscriptions.

“Delivering personalized educational content in visual form will be the future for education inIndia. IBM is helping companies drive this change through our robust Cloud infrastructure. We have enabled Extramarks address the growing requirements of its student constituency while at the same time reducing their overall IT services costs,” said Ganesh Margabandhu, general manager, Global Technology Services, IBM India South Asia.

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