IBM SoftLayer drives Daimler’s cars2go car-sharing  mobile app

Enterprise IT vendor IBM today said Daimler subsidiary moovel has tapped cloud infrastructure from SoftLayer for its car-sharing mobile application cars2go.

SoftLayer will enable the car-sharing mobile application to better serve its customers by finding the least expensive or fastest way to travel.

The moovel smartphone app. car2go is available in 26 cities in Europe and North America and has over 800,000 customers.

As part of the Cloud detal, moovel leverages managed services from IBM, including DevOps services to allow moovel to accelerate the development of software and updates for its mobility services, said IBM in a statement.

IBM SoftLayer data centers with 30,000 server capacity and 2,000 gigabytes speed

Deploying car2go on SoftLayer’s cloud platform enables moovel to deliver its smartphone app to users. With visibility into the workloads running on SoftLayer’s cloud infrastructure, moovel is able to help its customers analyze and make sense of data to deliver insights on the suggested routes in seconds.

Martina Koederitz, general manager IBM Deutschland, said: “The IBM Cloud will play a central role in helping companies like moovel take control of their data to meet their customers’ demands as they transform for this new era of computing.”

Baburajan K
[email protected]

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