IBM and Pitney Bowes to develop cloud services around mobile app and location intelligence

IBM and Pitney Bowes will develop new cloud services around mobile application development and location intelligence.

The new hybrid cloud location services help enterprises unearth connections between their customers, their geography, and their networks to deliver more personalized services and contextually relevant experiences.

IBM’s BlueMix, a new development environment, provides DevOps in the cloud. Pitney Bowes is among the first third-party solutions now available to developers and companies on the new IBM BlueMix Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

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More than 1.2 billion people use Pitney Bowes location intelligence solutions when they check in or use location-sharing features on major social media platforms. For instance, Pitney Bowes’ location intelligence suite of products enable insurers to improve underwriting decisions, telecoms to better analyze network coverage and retailers to deliver more targeted promotions to consumers, based on when and where they are most likely to buy.

For Pitney Bowes, the partnership provides the opportunity to expose key solutions, such as location-based services, e-commerce fulfillment, Internet postage, and parcel management, through IBM’s API Management to an extended ecosystem of innovators and developers. It also speeds the availability of new services from Pitney Bowes to vast new markets globally.

“Together, IBM and Pitney Bowes are developing a powerful lineup of cloud services around mobile application development and location intelligence,” said Steve Robinson, general manager, IBM Cloud Platform Services.

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