How IBM performing in cloud IT space

IBM deploys Cloud-based network to transform Indian automotive industry
Enterprise IT vendor IBM has revealed two important reports showing its success in the Cloud space in 2015.

First, analyst firm Synergy Research said IBM is a top performer and leader in the private and hybrid cloud space for 2015.

Second, Forrester Research in its recent Wave report named IBM as a leader in hybrid cloud management solutions for enterprises.

IDC ranks IBM in 5th position

IDC this week ranked IBM in the fifth position in the worldwide Cloud IT infrastructure market — server, storage, and Ethernet switch — for cloud IT, including public and private cloud in the third quarter of 2015.

HPE with 15.7 percent share, Dell (10.4 percent), Cisco (9.7 percent), EMC (7.2 percent), NetApp (3.4 percent), IBM (3.4 percent) and Lenovo (3.3 percent) are the top IT vendors in the Cloud IT infrastructure market, said IDC.

IDC says the size of the Cloud IT infrastructure market in Q3 2015 was $7.6 billion, growing at 23 percent from Q3 2014 – supported by Japan (with 47.1 percent growth), Asia Pacific excluding Japan (+35.3 percent), Western Europe (+22.1 percent), Canada (22 percent), and the United States (+20.1 percent).

How Cloud spend growing

Spend on infrastructure hardware and software to build cloud exceeded $60 billion worldwide, while spend on a range of public, private and hybrid cloud services exceeded $50 billion. Spend on private and hybrid cloud services is growing at 45 percent per year, Synergy Research said.

IBM Cloud is a collection of services including analytics, mobile, networking, storage, Internet of Things (IoT) and cognitive computing. IBM has more than 40 global cloud data centers.

The Forrester Research said some of the leaders such as IBM offer support for prebuilt application and infrastructure templates, powerful provisioning and configuration management, role-based controls, and rich cost, performance, and capacity management features.

The IT research report said hybrid clouds are gaining market adoption because they leverage existing IT resources while integrating into public and private cloud environments – offering control of data, improved application performance and efficiencies, enhanced collaboration helping organizations to centralize IT management.

IBM hybrid successes

Giant Eagle, a multi-format food, fuel and pharmacy retailer, is utilizing a hybrid cloud solution from IBM Cloud for overhauling its IT infrastructure to provide an integrated system management for visibility into data.

Marriott is adopting a hybrid cloud environment – built by IBM Cloud — to offer digital services to guests and access insights about traveler preferences for its more than 4,000 properties across the globe, said IBM.

Using a hybrid cloud solution from IBM, Tractor Supply Company, a rural lifestyle retail store chain in the United States, will revamp the company’s online retail operation offering an easier way to connect, browse and shop for goods and services online to customers.

CSC deal with IBM

Meanwhile, IBM and CSC announced an expanded partnership to help enterprise clients accelerate their transition to the cloud.  This includes the modernization and development of key applications that support mobile, analytics and cognitive intelligence across hybrid cloud deployments.

IBM Cloud will become a key component of CSC’s next generation IT strategy to deliver innovative solutions that meet complex compliance requirements.

CSC has already begun the training of a substantial number of developers to enable them to rapidly prototype, develop and deploy next generation applications that leverage more than 120 API’s and cloud services IBM has available on its Bluemix cloud platform.

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