IBM patents technique to manage location of public and private cloud data

Enterprise IT vendor IBM said its patented technique helps clients automatically analyze and manage the location where their public and private cloud data is stored.

The IBM innovation enables companies to comply with regulations governing where data can be stored in different countries and continents.

IBM in a statement said that the U.S. patent #8,676,593 called “Geographic governance of data over clouds” allows enterprises to dynamically select or change the location where cloud data resides in order to ensure businesses to address local or regional compliance and security regulations.

The company said IBM’s patented invention serves as a smart routing device for cloud data, enabling business owners to better control over where their cloud data is stored to comply with local laws.

The invention allows companies to mark or tag their data and use an intelligent cloud management system to store files in the appropriate location.

For instance, enterprises can tag associated files appropriately if they need to store all of its financial data in a specific cloud data center. IBM said the cloud management system ensures that the files are stored in the correct locations.

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