IBM offers cloud storage service for hybrid cloud users

IBM Corporation

IBM introduced a new cloud object storage service, which is associated with the acquisition of Cleversafe.

The Cloud Object Storage is designed to make storing and managing data on the IBM Cloud reliable and available across regions and around the clock.

The Cloud Object Storage storage-as-a-service offerings will enable clients to scale large unstructured data volumes across on-premises systems as well as public and private clouds quickly and easily.

The enterprise IT vendor says this will increase IT system flexibility and security. Besides, the new offering demonstrated more than 25 percent lower costs over a leading vendor (AWS).

It was built on an innovation called SecureSlice from Cleversafe, which was acquired by IBM in 2015 for $1.3 billion.

“As clients continue to move massive workloads to hybrid clouds there is a need for an easier, more secure and economical way to store and manage mounting volumes of digital information,” said Robert LeBlanc, Senior Vice President, IBM Cloud.

Customer experience platform Bitly has already migrated 1 billion datasets to the cloud objest storage.  It also adopted the IT service provider as its exclusive cloud platform.

Bitly’s adoption of Cloud Object Storage is part of a deep multi-year partnership with the IT major.  Earlier this year, the company moved 25 billion data-infused links to IBM Cloud.

The Cloud Object Storage is available now for enterprise clients across IBM Cloud data centers in the US and Europe and will be available in the Asia Pacific region in December.

Availability via digital channels, with swipe-and-go credit card support, will begin in the US starting in December and Europe soon thereafter.

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