IBM India signs cloud contract with Trimax IT

Infotech Lead Asia: IBM India has signed a cloud deal with Trimax IT Infrastructure and Services.

As per the contract, IBM will deploy cloud based on PureSystems to ensure the business of the $157 million Trimax is more efficient and scalable to address future demands.

Rajesh Tapadia, CTO, Trimax, said: “The combination of IBM’s technical expertise and focus on helping clients drive innovation with advanced technologies will enable us to move beyond our traditional client base and reach new markets.”

Trimax has its own Tier III data center in Mumbai.

IBM in a communication says the Remote Application Services (RAS) and manageability features of the IBM PureFlex enable Trimax to offer x86 as well as Unix-based infrastructure on-demand from a single setup and also to cater to different workloads without any downtime.

Through its presence in smaller cities in India, Trimax will use IBM PureFlex to offer services to the small and medium businesses in different areas, for example, developing and testing new building materials.

IBM PureFlex capabilities can also be used in the government sector for secure government-to-government, government-to-citizen and government-to-business services which would also provide a managed environment for citizens and businesses to conduct secure transactions.

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