IBM in pact with Portico Consultancy to launch new cloud services

IBM has joined hands with Portico Consultancy to launch new cloud services to help businesses to build, test and deploy applications to deliver more engaging customer experiences.

The new IBM Digital Experience on Cloud user experience platform provides a fully managed cloud service for delivering socially aware, and omnichannel digital experiences to engage customers, partners and employees.

New IBM Digital Experience on Cloud coupled with Portico software in the cloud allows Chief Marketing Officers (CMO), Chief Information Officers (CIO) and Chief Human Resources Officers (CHRO) to quickly pilot, configure and introduce new applications that meet evolving customer needs.

Dennis Rot, founder and director of Portico Consultancy, said: “Businesses want configurable software that integrates with existing IT infrastructure and new applications to power their consumer, partner and employee portals without having to worry about installation, configuration and maintenance.”

The new IBM Digital Experience on Cloud is a managed cloud service running on IBM SoftLayer. The suite of tools provides the ability to create, manage and publish rich content across multiple channels.

The purpose of the single offering is to give a low-cost, entry level solution to start movement to the cloud with a private, dedicated, secure, reliable solution. The IBM Digital Experience on Cloud, a dual environment offer, provides a dedicated environment for content authors to maximize productivity, and optimizes the content delivery environment for responsiveness to site visitors.

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