IBM in hybrid Cloud deal with Aegon Life Insurance

IBM today announced a five-year deal with Aegon Life Insurance Company to provide a hybrid cloud solution hosted from IBM datacenters in New Mumbai and Bangalore.

The cloud deal will enable Aegon Life Insurance to quickly launch new products to the market, while improving the efficiency of its IT operations.

IBM will help maintain continuous business operations and improve overall business resiliency via the IBM Cloud through the IBM datacenter in Mumbai, while creating a scalable IT service platform for Aegon Life India’s infrastructure and applications environment.

Aegon Life Insurance migrated to a digital and direct to customer approach to enhance customer experience. Aegon Life Insurance, as part of its digital strategy, will be making investment in a seamless IT infrastructure to meet the growing needs of its clients and reduce downtime.

“As we look to scale our business, we were looking for a forward looking integrated IT that could provide us real-time access to relevant information and help us mitigate the impact of external threats, thus enhancing our customer experience,” said KS Gopalakrishnan, managing director and CEO of Aegon Life Insurance Company.

Ajay Mital, director Infrastructure Services at IBM, was instrumental in bagging the Cloud deal from Aegon Life Insurance Company.

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