IBM gets patent for cloud computing technique to respond to data choke points

Enterprise IT vendor IBM today said it received a patent — U.S. Patent #8,631,154 — for a cloud computing technique that will enable cloud service providers to respond to data choke points by changing quality of service priorities to ensure the free flow of data for their clients.

Cloud service providers can improve quality of service for clients by enabling data to be dynamically modified, prioritized and shared across a cloud environment.

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Quality of Service priorities can be modified according to real-time or expected conditions, to reduce data bottlenecks in the cloud, thereby ensuring that clients receive the level and quality of service they expect, said IBM.

IBM said the patented invention will help reduce problems that cloud providers face when they need to provide simultaneous, efficient and uninterrupted service to a range of clients for applications, including online banking and shopping, real-time video, supply-chain management, enterprise resources planning and more.

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“Since companies are relying upon the cloud to manage and process critical business data and interactions, guaranteeing and delivering quality, reliable service is an imperative for cloud vendors,” said IBM Cloud Offering Evangelist Rick Hamilton. “.”

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