IBM develops cloud infrastructure for KPJ Healthcare

Enterprise IT vendor IBM has developed cloud infrastructure for KPJ Healthcare, a private healthcare provider in Malaysia, to provide healthcare services to more than 2.5 million patients.

KPJ Healthcare has nationwide network of more than 20 hospitals and four hospitals along with an aged care facility overseas.

As per the IT deal, IBM will assist KPJ Healthcare to consolidate and centralize its computing infrastructure on a cloud.

IBM is delivering KPJ Healthcare’s cloud deployment in a phased roll-out, starting with administrative data and medical records, to ensure uninterrupted transition. As part of the agreement, IBM built a disaster recovery system for KPJ Healthcare to ensure data protection and business continuity.

The implementation of cloud-ready, secured infrastructure will enable KPJ Healthcare’s patients to expect shorter waiting times and hassle free services. The integrated network will assist patients to access medical expertise and advice from across hospitals, said IBM.

The new cloud-enabled infrastructure allows KPJ Healthcare to operate at a reduced cost and with greater efficiency, reliability and flexibility. It also ensures that KPJ Healthcare is able to roll out new applications at existing and new hospitals. The shift to the cloud will also complement the hospital’s plan to establish themselves as a major regional player in healthcare services.

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