IBM to develop new cloud technology for Brazil’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

IBM has signed an IT deal with Brazil’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation to develop a new technology that will allow organizations to manage Cloud resources in real time.

The duration of the IT contract is three years, said IBM

As per the agreement announced today, IBM will work with Brazilian and foreign universities to develop the system, optimization and testing for a dynamic self-management software solution that will balance specialized and traditional resources dynamically according to business demand in real time.

IBM said the technology can be used by businesses of all sizes, universities and government agencies – including those organizations in agriculture, healthcare, finance, city management and education – to managed computing resources during times of critical and peak demand.

Utilizing this system, users can specify business objectives and financial restrictions, and the platform will automatically manage resources.

IBM has shared some use cases. A company seeking to provide a cloud-based transportation management service could offer customized routes to users depending on their preferences and activities. Under special circumstances which may need the rapid processing of all routes during emergency, processing could be quickly completed by specialized machines.

Before configuring their deployments, an organization would enter its business objectives and financial restrictions, and based on that information, the platform would automatically determine if it would be possible or worthwhile to use these resources.

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