IBM Cloud tech to manage different cloud platforms

IBM has launched an open technology that assists IT teams to manage, move and integrate apps across different cloud computing infrastructures.
IBM Cloud for CIOsIBM’s Multicloud Manager provides an operations console for IT teams at companies as they increasingly incorporate public and private cloud capabilities with existing on-premises business systems.

The solution is optimized on the IBM Cloud, but extends the ability of businesses to manage and integrate workloads on clouds from different providers such as Amazon, Red Hat and Microsoft.

“With its open source approach to managing data and apps across multiple clouds, the IBM Multicloud Manager will position companies to scale their many cloud investments and unleash the full business value of the cloud,” said Arvind Krishna, senior vice president, IBM Hybrid Cloud.

The new IBM solution is expected to be a game changer for modernizing businesses around the world.

For example, if a car rental company uses one cloud for its AI services, another for its bookings system and runs its financial processes on on-premises computers at offices around the world, IBM Multicloud Manager can span the company’s multiple computing infrastructures enabling customers to book a car at increased speeds using the company’s mobile app.

“Many IT companies have been talking about multicloud, but to date the user experience has been fragmented. IT and business executives are looking for multicloud capabilities that reduce the risks, and deliver more automation throughout their cloud journeys,” Stephen Elliot, program vice president, IDC.

While 20 percent of business processes have already moved to the cloud, 80 percent of mission-critical workloads and sensitive data are still running on on-premises business systems because of performance and regulatory requirements. In 2019 the percentage of these workloads running in the cloud will increase to over 40 percent.

“We anticipate that in the coming years enterprise clients will move to multicloud systems that cater for a broad variety of business and IT needs,” Roy Illsley, distinguished analyst, Ovum, said.

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