IBM Cloud helps e-learning providers address user demands

IBM has formed a number of partnerships in the education segment to enable and expand cloud-based learning among users.

Of late, IBM is working with Wydawnictwa Cyfrowe, a digital services provider for educational e-textbooks in Poland, to provide access to the e-textbooks platform: on cloud infrastructure from SoftLayer.

The partnership will help publishing houses easily distribute electronic versions of textbooks, so both teachers and students can have access to new forms of interactive education.

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With support from SoftLayer Cloud, teachers and students can access lesson plans from anywhere and across various devices including computers, tablets and smartphones.

In another related development, IBM partnered with Wroclaw University of Technology to deliver personalized classrooms on IBM Cloud infrastructure.

The partnership leverages IBM Cloud to improve access to cloud-based lesson plans for more than 35,000 students. The engagement will help Wroclaw University of Technology to facilitate access to various educational resources on demand, and deliver smart and personalized classrooms to its students.

As a part of its transformation to become a regional cloud services center, WRUT will leverage an IBM Cloud solution to host its IT environment using an Infrastructure as a Service model.

In the first phase of the project, IBM’s platform will be used to deliver five new courses in cloud computing, enterprise IT, green computing, business process management and cyber security; giving the students access to unprecedented hands-on experience with Cloud technology.

Students will also benefit from virtual computing lab gaining easier access to case studies, technology-based white papers and other teaching materials through the IBM Academic initiative portal. Additionally the partnership will also improve availability of cloud-related courses.

IBM also partnered with Khipu Corporation  to support its e-learning platform. Khipu will leverage IBM SoftLayer Cloud infrastructure to enable educators and facilitators to access virtual lessons, download educational material, conduct tests of its training program and focus on high performance teaching.

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