IBM brings privacy tool Identity Mixer on IBM Cloud

IBM adds Identity Mixer on IBM Cloud
Enterprise IT vendor IBM announced the availability of Identity Mixer, a tool to protect a consumer’s personally identifiable information, on IBM Cloud called Bluemix.

Identity Mixer, accessible to developers on Bluemix, helps in reducing identity theft due to sharing personal data on mobile and web apps. Using algorithms, the tool allows developers to build apps which can authenticate users’ identities without collecting personal data.

Using Identity Mixer, the app can verify the authenticity of the user’s claims of being above a certain age and having a subscription – without having to collect any other details or to interact.

IBM’s Research facilities in Zurich, Switzerland developed Identity Mixer that authenticates users by asking them to provide a public key. Each user has a single secret key which corresponds with multiple public keys, or identities. Each transaction a user makes receives a different public key to avoid privacy issues.

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