IBM to bring 20 new cloud-based business solutions

IBM is planning to deliver 20 cloud-based business solutions that can be personalized to support a client’s business requirements.

The offerings combine the scale, speed and ease of cloud with the industry insight of IBM consulting services to address specific industry verticals and business functions such as mobile, asset management and analytics.

IBM Cloud Business Solutions, delivered as a service, includes consulting services, pre-built assets from IBM Research, software, advanced analytics, ongoing support and cloud infrastructure delivered via Softlayer. Pricing is based on a subscription model. Clients pay a set-up fee up front, and then ongoing subscription or usage-based fees.


A healthcare provider could start by moving their existing solutions to the cloud and then add pre-built IBM assets to counter medical fraud or address a range of additional business priorities. The solution would then be customized with consulting services and support aimed at transforming their business, thus establishing a competitive advantage.

TP Vision, which manufactures the Philips TV brand, uses IBM’s Customer Data Cloud Business Solution to deliver a personalized consumer experience and manage its smart TV service, capturing and analyzing data in order to fuel the development of new services.

TP Vision uses a cloud-based environment to manage and collect data from these interactions. By being able to quickly analyze it, the company can constantly update the personalized user home screen for the customer, personalizing every interaction.

Albert Mombarg, Director Smart TV, TP Vision, said: “IBM’s Cloud Business Solutions provides a flexible way to create new services for our viewers, driving ongoing business innovation. The user experience is constantly fine tuned and upgraded in the cloud, eliminating the need to continually update the actual TV set to accommodate new applications and services. This helps reduce costs for both the consumer and the manufacturer.”

IBM will initially offer 12 solutions, with plans to bring at least 20 industry-focused solutions to market this year. Each solution includes multiple, industry-specific versions to adapt with ease to variances across industries, while leveraging common cross-industry patterns.

InfotechLead News Team