IBM bags IT deal from Infinity Computers, beating Huawei and Microsoft

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Enterprise IT vendor IBM announced its deal with Ugandan IT services provider Infinity Computers to deliver cloud, analytics and IT services to support web and mobile offerings for its clients.

Infinity Computers did not consider proposals from Huawei and Microsoft because IBM offerings were superior to the IT services provider in Uganda.

Infinity Computers provides services to clients in East Africa, South Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. It targets developers in East African tech startup community, Internet domain registration, Web and cloud hosting, as well as fiber optic and mobile communication installation.

IBM’s cloud solution and services was selected over competing offerings from Microsoft and Huawei, due to its customer care and technical support, competitive pricing, solution agility and capabilities globally.

Charles Musisi, general manager of Infinity Computers, said: “When we looked at competing offerings, no one else could match the combination of IBM’s technology, expertise and global capabilities to meet all our current and future requirements.”

Infinity Computers will rely on IBM to expand its business footprint in East Africa and to serve a growing number of Asian and European clients by providing quicker and more efficient access of services.

Earlier, Infinity Computers hosted all its servers on premise and was faced limitations such as Internet bandwidth capacity, scalability, unstable power at the server-room level, and inadequate customer care and technical support to meet the needs of its clients.

Following the transition to IBM earlier this year, Infinity Computers reported 40 percent improved performance in accessibility and speed of provisioning services to clients and 45 percent lower operating costs from reductions in support resources, Internet bandwidth requirements and electrical power consumption.

Infinity Computers relies on IBM for offering storage-as-a-service, data warehousing and back up services, and hosting for mobile-enabled web sites and databases.

Infinity Computers is also looking into incorporating IBM Bluemix solutions on the cloud and where necessary and provide these services at the client’s premises using IBM’s Hybrid solutions such as IBM Power systems managed by IBM’s Global Delivery Centers.

IBM has announced over 20 banking deals throughout Africa over the last five years. Within the health sector, Metropolitan Health in South Africa and the Zambia Ministry of Health have tapped IBM solutions to drive their business models.

Baburajan K
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