IBM assists Veda for cloud services and support growth strategies

Veda, a provider of credit information and analysis in Australia and New Zealand, has selected IBM for its cloud services and to support its growth strategies.

Veda is already an outsourcing customer for IBM. IBM currently provides resilient infrastructure to Veda.

This extended agreement assists Veda’s growth strategy, as it provides a scalable solution to support Veda’s introduction of comprehensive credit reporting (CCR) products in response to the credit industry’s most significant reform in recent times.

Veda’s CEO Nerida Caesar said: “Being a business based on using data and analytics to provide insights, we are constantly looking at the best way to manage and deliver the most accurate insights to our clients. To this end, we have already deployed one of our systems that supports comprehensive credit reporting (CCR) on IBM’s flexible infrastructure.”

Veda expects the volume and mix of data relating to credit reporting will grow rapidly  as companies realise the benefits of CCR. This prompted Veda to expand its relationship with IBM, to support the expected growth of data and analysis that CCR will bring.

“The ability to support clients during phases of critical growth in a complex business environment is what differentiates IBM as the leading infrastructure and cloud service provider,” said Jeffrey Rhoda, general manager, IBM Australia and New Zealand.

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