IBM assists Angolan in healthcare and education

IBM is assisting Angola, a country in Southern Africa, for its economic and social transformation.

The enterprise IT vendor will assist Angolan authorities in academic training, technical skills development and healthcare management strategies – targeting educational institutions, small businesses, non-governmental organizations and government agencies in emerging market.

In past, IBM has worked with other organizations like Institute for Training of Local Administrators (ITLA), the National Institute for Employment and Vocational Training (INEFOP) and the National Institute for Assessment Accreditations and Approval of Higher Education Degrees, Diplomas and Courses (INAAREES) in Angola.

IBM has analyzed local environments, socio-economic and cultural realities and recommended funding models for hospitals and identified the pros and cons of each model.


The enterprise IT vendor implemented a training program with tools and methodologies for data gathering. The program for Institute for Training of Local Administrators will inform about the ongoing training curricula and processes and will identify performance for future planning.

For National Institute for Employment and Vocational Training, a system to deliver vocational training and a roadmap to collect data on employment and vocational training has been developed by IBM. The system will help INEFOP to report statistical data on activities at employment and training centers across Angola.

For INAAREES, IBM developed a road map for setting up procedures and recommended to help automate, accelerate and evaluate certification and accreditations of studies.

In 2011, IBM helped Nigeria Cross River State to bring smarter healthcare. IBM was involved in two government programs in Cross River State and supported government in reducing levels of maternal and infant mortality and breaking cycle of poverty.

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