IBM announces Cloud deals with Turk Telecom, Loft Group, Music Mastermind, KUULUU

IBM announced its Cloud deals with clients like Turk Telecom, The Loft Group, Music Mastermind, KUULUU and the benefits.

Enterprise clients are utilizing IBM cloud to improve flexibility, drive international expansion and better respond to today’s fast-moving and ever-changing business environment.

Turk Telekom

Turk Telekom engaged IBM to develop a cloud solution that could ease the burden that nation-wide service delivery places on its IT staff. Through its relationship with IBM, Turk Telekom is able to utilize its existing infrastructure, closely track costs and clearly communicate the pricing structure of the new cloud services to its customers.

Turk Telekom wanted to track costs and communicate the pricing structure of the new cloud services to end users.

IBM announces Cloud deals

“We wanted to make our system administrators and developers aware of the costs related to their demands. IBM’s cloud offered a metering and billing solution to help us do that,” said Mehmet Selçuk Karaca, Turk Telekom consultant.

Music Mastermind

The U.S.-based Music Mastermind is taking advantage of IBM SoftLayer cloud capabilities to create a hybrid cloud environment for Zya, an application that allows people to make music, create beats and change vocals into instruments.

Music Mastermind switched to an IBM SoftLayer cloud to lower costs, scale and prepare for higher customer traffic more quickly and effectively with SoftLayer’s cloud capabilities.

Loft Group

The Loft Group of Australia, a creative digital agency specializing in creating e-learning campaigns for global clients including L’Oreal, has adopted IBM’s cloud services to transform its business. The Loft Group is migrating its digital learning platform onto IBM’s SoftLayer cloud infrastructure to deliver custom, mobile education and training platforms to clients.


KUULUU, a game development studio in Switzerland, needed scalable service to support RECHARGE, a new game. Together with Linkin Park, they created a third-person 3-D online experience that combines puzzle, adventure and action elements. The game supports Music For Relief Power the World campaign, by introducing players to the real world clean energy solutions in the game.

IBM’s Cloud journey

IBM generated $4.4 billion of revenue from cloud-based solutions in 2013, up 69 percent year to year.

“IBM’s commitment to invest in high growth areas stems from our focus on delivering the solutions our clients need to be successful in today’s market and enabling them to be better positioned for tomorrow’s growth,” said IBM General Manager of Cloud Services Jim Comfort.

IBM invested $7 billion in 16 acquisitions in cloud computing. The company’s recent acquisition of SoftLayer is part of IBM’s commitment to expand its global cloud offerings to 40 datacenters across five continents.

IBM intends to double SoftLayer’s cloud capacity by the end of 2014. Since the acquisition, IBM SoftLayer has served nearly 2,400 new cloud clients.

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