IBM adds new cloud services on SoftLayer infrastructure for enterprises

IBM today announced new cloud services — on SoftLayer infrastructure — for enterprises.

These new Cloud services include Watson Engagement Advisor on SoftLayer, Watson Developer Cloud on Softlayer, Elastic Storage, a new software-defined storage-as-a-service, IBM Cloud modular management, Jumpgate, etc.

Erich Clementi, senior vice president, IBM Global Technology Services, said: “SoftLayer has become the foundation of IBM’s cloud portfolio anchoring our infrastructure, platform and software-as-a-service offerings and transforming the fortunes of many companies from Web start ups to established enterprises.”

IBM new offerings

Watson Engagement Advisor on SoftLayer allows organizations to gain timely and actionable insights from big data.

Running on IBM’s POWER8 processor, IBM Power Systems integrated into SoftLayer’s infrastructure will handle big data, analytics and cognitive requirements in the cloud with unprecedented speed.

IBM said Watson Developer Cloud on Softlayer allows access for third party developers, entrepreneurs, academics, and system integrators looking to harness Watson’s cognitive capabilities in the products and services they bring to market.

IBM Softlayer

IBM is now offering more than 300 services including data and analytics and SoftLayer offerings such as the IBM multi-enterprise Relationship Management SaaS that connects and manages shared business processes across a variety of communities, Time Series Database that connects applications to the Internet of Things and Analytics Warehouse which provides an agile platform for data warehousing and analytics.

Aspera high-speed transfer technology enables users to move large unstructured and structured data with maximum speed and security, regardless of data size, distance or network conditions.

Elastic Storage (code name), a new software-defined storage-as-a-service, provides access to large volumes of data and data management between their on-premises infrastructure and the cloud.

SoftLayer expands hourly billing for bare-metal servers bringing the key pay-as-you-go benefits of virtual server consumption to dedicated resources. Bare metal servers provide the increased performance and privacy that many enterprises desire.

IBM Cloud modular management, a automated service management system, enables companies with the choice and flexibility to pick the services they want to manage on their own or have IBM manage for them.

Jumpgate allows for interoperability between clouds by providing compatibility between the OpenStack API and a provider’s proprietary API.

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