IBM adds new cloud-capabilities to SoftLayer clients, plans Cloud resiliency center in Mumbai

Enterprise IT vendor IBM today announced new cloud-capabilities and services to its SoftLayer clients. It also plans Cloud resiliency center in Mumbai, India.

The new Cloud-capabilities are designed to accelerate cloud adoption by securing company assets and maintaining continuous businesses operations, even during a disaster, said IBM.

The new cloud enhancements, IBM said, allow enterprises to deploy business critical applications on a SoftLayer platform while ensuring customer loyalty and the company reputation.

The overall market opportunity for business continuity/disaster recovery is expected to grow to almost $32 billion by 2015.


IBM will offer access to IBM’s Cloud Virtualized Server Recovery (VSR) managed service, which offers automation that helps enterprises recover mission-critical applications, servers and cloud-based data in the event of an outage.

IBM VSR assists SoftLayer businesses to replicate entire systems in real-time including system files, databases, applications and user data in a way that is independent of the make and model of the underlying hardware.

In addition, IBM’s Resiliency Consulting Services will also be extended to SoftLayer clients. These services, which integrate legacy IT environments with a private cloud and the SoftLayer public cloud, will help with resiliency assessment, planning and design, implementation and testing and more.

The company will open two new cloud based resiliency centers in Raleigh, North Carolina and Mumbai, India. These new facilities, which will join the 15 other global centers planned by SoftLayer and the 150 BCRS Resiliency Centers, will speed up recovery times by eliminating network latency, said IBM.

IBM also unveiled enhancements to its BCRS cloud-based resiliency offerings designed to help clients ensure their businesses, applications and IT infrastructures are stable and running around the clock. These include Cloud Managed Backup, Cloud Data Virtualization, Cloud Application Resiliency and Cloud Virtualized Server Recovery.

According to IBM’s 2013 Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) study, 70 percent of CISOs are concerned about cloud and mobile security and with good reason—sophisticated and targeted attacks are on the rise and according to reports, less than 2 percent of breaches are detected in the first 24 hours and less than 46 percent in the first 30 days1.

Later this year, IBM will offer additional security services including enhanced distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection, Web and email protection, managed endpoint protection and more for SoftLayer customers.

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