IBM adds new cloud-based and on premise software to ensure partner and supplier engagement

Enterprise IT vendor IBM today announced new cloud-based and on premise software that will aid organizations to ensure partner and supplier engagement.

The announcement was made at it’s the Smarter Commerce Global Summit in Tampa.

The new partner and supplier engagement software enables business leaders to gain from deeper insight and control over their external business relationships, while reducing associated risks and increasing collaboration.

IBM, which is already helping 160,000 businesses manage the flow of critical corporate data and mitigate organizational risk, said IBM Multi-Enterprise Relationship Management platform, IBM Sterling B2B Services Reporting and Analytics, IBM Standards Processing Engine, Supplier Lifecycle Management and Contract Lifecycle Management solutions, IBM Aspera eXtreme File Transfer are part of today’s announcement.

IBM Multi-Enterprise Relationship Management (MRM) platform enables organizations to connect and manage shared business processes across business communities in their ecosystem, including partners, suppliers and customers. MRM significantly reduces the often tedious onboarding process of trading partners, in some cases cutting time by nearly 90 percent, which results in faster time to revenue.

IBM Sterling B2B Services Reporting and Analytics enhances the IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration Network by monitoring transactions across an organization’s ecosystem to help businesses spot performance trends and make better decisions.

Enhancements to IBM Standards Processing Engine, Supplier Lifecycle Management and Contract Lifecycle Management solutions will monitor, manage and action the data associated with risk and compliance with a complete view of their value chain and the ability to more proactively mitigate risk.

IBM Aspera eXtreme File Transfer enables companies to send big data at maximum speed across any distance while avoiding traditional networking limitations and bottlenecks.

Using IBM Sterling B2B Integration Services, Lenovo has built a unified foundation to connect and collaborate across its partner ecosystem as well as reduce the time it takes to onboard new partners by 85 percent. By optimizing its supply chain with IBM solutions, Lenovo ensures complete customer satisfaction from purchase through fulfillment, invoicing and servicing.

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