Huawei unveils CloudLink collaborative telepresence products


Huawei launched a new series of CloudLink collaborative telepresence products, including the CloudLink Board, CloudLink Box, and CloudLink Bar.

With this launch, Huawei aims to expand its communication and collaboration solutions to the intelligent era.

The new solutions will help enterprises implement digital office space, intelligent working methods, and industrial production, according to Huawei.

The intelligent working models offered by CloudLink include intelligent conference, intelligent contact center, and intelligent office assistant.

The CloudLink collaborative telepresence products are designed to meet the needs of collaboration 3.0 era. They feature collaboration, artificial intelligence (AI), and ultra-HD, making communication more efficient and satisfying the needs of various industries, the company said.

By working with industry partners, the company plans to build more than 40 industry solutions based on “Platform + Ecosystem”, such as healthcare, education, government, transportation, and finance.

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