Huawei Technologies India migrates to own cloud platform

Huawei Technologies India has migrated to its own cloud computing platform called Desktop cloud.

The India center has transitioned 2500 R&D employees to the Desktop cloud.

Earlier, 10,000 R&D employees at Huawei’s Shanghai Research Center had migrated to desktop cloud in 2011. Presently all Huawei research centers have transitioned all of its 70,000 R&D employees to the desktop cloud.

Huawei said its Cloud Desktop can reduce overall expenses by 88 percent as compared to the traditional Desktop computer and has improved the equipment replacement frequency from 3 years in a traditional desktop computer to more than 10 years in present Desktop cloud solution.

“With significant reduction in investment with respect to equipment, energy consumption and office applications, along with overall reduction in the cost of operation and maintenance, we see the cloud computing platform as a key contributor to the maximized productivity of the R&D center employees,” said Suresh Reddy, vice president, Huawei Enterprise, India.

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